The area of dermatology is an important area of veterinary medicine. More and more patients, including dogs, cats and small animals, are brought to veterinary practices due to skin disorders.

Of those disorders, allergies are increasing in meaning. Like humans, about 10% of our dogs, and also a large percentage of cats, suffer from allergies. These can be caused by environmental factors such as pollen, mould or dust mites, but food allergies are also increasing. The patient suffers from persistent severe itching, that severely reduces their quality of life.

Skin disorders are multi-faceted and often require lengthy treatments. The skin only has a certain number of reaction mechanisms, despite being the largest organ in the body, and as such, different disorders can present similarly. Therefore, many varied treatments, and some patience is often required to appropriately diagnose and then to establish an appropriate treatment. Developing effective treatment plans, especially in patients with allergies or other chronic skin conditions, is a focus of our dermatological work.

Many skin patients have a long medical history behind them. Especially with these patients it is helpful to have information about their previous history, the course of the condition, previous tests and medication used. The Questionnaire for Skin Patients should help you with this. You can bring this completed form to your appointment.

Naturally, your usual veterinarian will receive information from us about the results and recommended therapies for the patient. The care of a patient is welcome to take place in cooperation with your pet doctor.

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